About Me

Talent & Event Manager


As a Talent Manager, l've had success in both the Music and Design industries and recently formed KE TALENT MANAGEMENT LLC (KETM) to offer career management services to musicians, bands, performing artists, and singers/songwriters. I bring a coaching-based style to Artist Management and I work tirelessly on behalf of my Artists to propel their careers into the limelight.   



My career in the music industry spans 10 years as an on-air broadcaster, promotion, and PR agent. I've owned two thriving music management firms, Drastic Measures (Los Angeles) and Gila Monster Productions (San Diego/Orange County). At the helm of these companies, I scouted talent (A&R) and managed the day-to-day careers for performers, singer/songwriters; and produced and released three full-length CD’s for three bands. 

I am also a Talent Acquisition Manager in the Design industry, helping Award-wining firms land top talent.   

The Future


The music industry is complex and competitive, to say the least. You need an expert on your side to help you get the best deals you can, someone that knows the music business from the inside out, and a constant networker and deal maker.

I am knowledgeable in Music Management, and currently building relationships with music industry decision makers and accepting submissions from Artists.